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book of wonders

September 2010

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A - Heavy is the head that...

shwinlewin in shuffleofthesky

#003 - To You, X

[Image Credits to it's owner]

To You X

So this is what they must mean
When they say;
You’re so close
But so far away

Meeting you was unexpected
But wanting you more
That I couldn’t believe
Especially since it came out from me

48 hours
Were given to me

To wonder what it is
That I like about you

Do I want you because I
Feel that you and him are the same?
Because I still can’t get over him?

Or do I want you because
Of who you are;
You’re kindness
You’re dorkiness
You’re silliness
You’re smile

It’s so frustrating
So infuriating
When I can’t do anything about it
All because this is me

I’m someone whose heart
Flutter so easily
Feeling that feeling
Of having fallen in love for the first time
Over and over again

I’m writing this
But not understanding why
When nothing in this poem
Is making no rhythm, rhyme
Or sense

Now you’re sitting here
Right across from me
Shaking that knee of yours
In rhythm it seems
To your breathing

I want to talk to you so much
Just take that step
Look up, away from the computer screen
And at you

But yet I seem to hesitate
With my heart beating
No. Didn’t you say you were gonna move on?

And now she speaks
I cannot hate her
She has done so much for me
But I can’t tolerate it

This bitter sour taste
In my mouth
I want to spit it out
Rinse it out

But I can’t
I’m leaving
I’m bleeding
And once again
I’m making no more sense

Ah but I guess this is all
Just once again
Another moment
Another game
That’s in stored for us

By a twisted yet sweet feeling
Called …



This would make an excellent song *_*
LOL!!! Does it really even make sense??? I just ... puked it all out if I am allowed to use such a term.
It kind of has a nice flow to it, and it makes a lot of sense for something you just... er, puked out all of a sudden. Idk, I think songs tend to sound better when they're not too strictly written - spontaneity works in lyrics (imo).
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