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book of wonders

September 2010

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A - Heavy is the head that...

shwinlewin in shuffleofthesky

#001 - Poem - A Lady

A Lady

If the mothers of our mothers were alive today
God, rest their souls,
They – upon the sight of society
And the life of their daughters –
Would gasp and wish themselves back in their graves!

Girls, women and ladies
Were not what they used to be in the past
And perhaps maybe, slightly
Archaic to think such
But imagine how it would be if we all
Had remained the same.

We would be ladies who would;
Place a foot, in front of the other
While lightly placing heel in front of toe
Tuck our “bottoms”
Square the shoulders
And lift the chin!

Imagine that!

And then, we would, when sitting
Have to be conscious making sure to
Back up to a chair until one feels the edge
Against the back of the legs
And then gently pull the seat
In a fluid motion.
Remembering to LOWER
And always place my hands
In my lap
Before a meal is served.

How inconvenient,
How prim and proper life would be
Had times remained the same.
Because of that I’m glad for the great ones
Austen, Nightingale, Adams
Who have taught us many lessons

But most of all
Have taught us that
We, future daughters of theirs
Can be the lady we wish to be
Rude, loud, "unladylike"
Because in the end
No matter the race, the color
Nor the class
We were all born
As Ladies


LOL, you know what I think of this poem already so I won't repeat myself, but nice choice of image right there :p
Lol I chose it for the finger. The posh english tea drinking finger!