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#004: Been a while baby

It's been a while since I did anything with this community. Time's about to change. I'll be posting icons and other things described.

And with that here's the first bunch of icons. They're from the recently released music video of 2ne1: Can't Nobody. I had fun watching the mv but man making the graphics was difficult! Especially when its the first project I took upon since my haitus back in 2008 (when I started college).

One thing I have to say about this bunch is the lack of Park Bom. It was really difficult to make an icon of Bom when she had so little scenes in the MV and boring scenes if I may add.. I'm not giving excuses. It's true. I love that girl and tried my best to justify her beauty but the mv prevented me :[ . I may include later on a part 2 if inspiration hits me. For now lets consider this a part 1 project.

Another thing I can promise you is that gifs for this MV will follow up (eventually).. when I have the energy to make them. I don't like to give false promises of when they'll be up but eventually they'll be up and the quality will be good. Promise.

Oh one last thing.. it may be a lot of me to ask but could you please comments on the following please. It's been a while and any feedback will be great for me. Thank you.


Total Icon Count: 45


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A - Heavy is the head that...

#000: Hello!

Hello stranger and welcome to shuffleofthesky. This is the creative journal of yours truly, shwinlewin where I will randomly post stuff that I've "creatively accomplished";
♥ art works
♥ photography,
♥ graphics (icons, etc)
♥ writing(stories (original fanfic), poetry, etc)
     and perhaps music (albums, review, mixes, etc)

There will be some materials in here are that are public and some here that will be locked all depending on the subject matter. Membership is easy, all you do is join, however there will only be one posting access. It is after all my personal creative journal for me to post.

Enjoy your stay and all you have to abide by in this community is;
♥ to not steal anything in here and claim it yours
I won't appreciate it and neither would you if someone did that to yours.
♥ if there are graphics. upload it on your own server
I will always have the 'hardcopy' but if the server crash because of someone's stupidness I will not be held responsible for the reupload. This is a community. Think of others before yourself.

Other than that. Enjoy!~
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