Shuffle of The Sky

Shuffle of the Sky
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Creative Journal of shwinlewin

This is the creative journal of shwinlewin.

Everything in here is the creative slur of the owner, the maintainer. You can find here stories, graphics, music, REVIEWS and anything "creative" she has to offer.

Open membership, however there will only be one posting access. UNLESS ON A SPECIAL OCCASSION IN WHICH SHE WILL (perhaps allow or post it herself) OTHER ENTRIES FROM OTHER PEOPLE. With permission of course.

Entries, as whether it is public or locked, depends on the subject at matter.

Everything not her solemn creative, are copyright by their owners.

No infringement intended.

Members and participants are expected to follow the same rules of not stealing another person's art and creativeness.

+ Layout by gossymer (here), with base codes by grrliz (here)
+ Linkbar icons from famfamfam.com</p>
+PROFILE LAYOUT: refuted @ this entry
+BANNER: collapsingnight